Diamond Buying Guide

Choosing a diamond or diamond engagement ring can be quite a daunting process as there are so many options. We’ve put together our Diamond Buying Guide with the aim to give you more of an understanding of diamonds, which should simplify the options, making your purchase a little easier. If your choosing a diamond engagement ring it is important to set a budget, with our online shop you can adjust the options to get you desired ring within your budget. All of our engagement rings are of high quality, we only use high grade metals and and our rings are solid therefore not hollowed or thinned.

Here at Wedstones, we offer a huge variety of diamond combinations, from diamond carat weights to diamond colour and clarities. Although we always try our best to source exactly what you’ve chosen, very occasionally we cannot source the exact diamond quality, in this rare occasion we will either upgrade the diamond slightly or offer suitable alternatives. Don’t worry if this does happen we will contact you in advance to discuss the options. The minimum diamond quality that we offer online is H colour and SI clarity and we check and select. If you would like something specific that we don’t have online please contact us via live chat telephone 01386 641953 or email info@wedstones.co.uk and one of our experts will be happy to assist you.

Here are the most popular diamond shapes to consider:

Diamond Buying Guide



Pear Shaped



Emerald Cut







We would love to help if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact one of our experts via live chat, email info@wedstones.co.uk or telephone 01386 641952.

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