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Diamond Buying Guide

Diamond Colour

Diamond colour is more about what you cannot see that what you can see. Diamonds are valued by how close they are too colourless, the less colour, the higher the value. This is excluding ‘fancy’ colours, such as blue, yellow, or pink diamonds. Colourless diamonds are also referred to as white diamonds, colourless diamonds let more light through the diamond, allowing them to emit more sparkle. Due to the natural diamond formation process, it means less diamonds are truly colourless, making colourless (white) diamonds rarer and therefore the more valuable. Diamonds with lower colour grades towards the Z (yellow) end of the scale should not be confused with ‘yellow diamonds’. Yellow diamonds are a separate commodity with their own characteristics and grading scales.

Diamond colours D and E are described as ‘exceptional white’ colourless diamonds, F and G are described as ‘rare white’ colourless to the untrained eye, H is described as ‘white’ near colourless, where no yellow will be detected unless compared against a diamond of higher colour grade. We like our customers to have fantastic diamonds with exceptional sparkle, although we can offer any diamond colour, at Wedstones we focus on only the best colourless diamonds with our online colour options from D to H. We also ensure that we price our diamonds competitively to offer a fantastic quality for price ratio.

What colour should I choose?

As we at Wedstones only offer the best diamond grades/colours, you should choose a diamond colour that suits your budget but also do not forget the more colourless the diamond the brighter the sparkle!
We’ve included the following video to help you understand diamond colour further…

Need some help?

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