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Diamond Clarity

Most diamonds have natural blemishes, these are referred to as inclusions and are created while the diamond is formed in the earth.

When light enters a diamond, it is reflected and refracted out. Anything that disrupts the flow of light, such as an inclusion means that a small proportion of the light reflected would be lost. Most inclusions are not visible to the naked eye without a magnifying glass or loupe.

Inclusions are graded by clarity, on a scale of perfection, which ranges from IF (flawless) meaning no visible characteristics even under magnification to I (Inclusions) characteristics visible with the naked eye. This method grades diamonds on the size, nature, and position of the inclusions. Only an expert can grade and asses a diamonds clarity.

Inclusions appear in different shapes, such as crystals, clouds, needles, chips, or feathers. These inclusions often add to the overall character of the diamond. The closer to flawless or perfection you get, the more valuable the diamond becomes, therefore flawless diamonds command a higher price, although as soon as a flawless diamond is set it is no longer flawless, it then becomes internally flawless.

At Wedstones we focus on a clarity of IF to SI1, this is because we can then ensure that if any inclusions are in your diamond, they will be not visible by the naked eye without a loupe or magnifying glass. Our aim is to always ensure you get the best diamond for your budget and therefore the best sparkle!

Here’s a short video to help you find out more about diamond clarity…

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